Kin Furniture Co.

is a furniture restoration and repair woodshop located in Denver Colorado, founded and run by siblings Sam, Hannah and Jake Becker.


A Breif History

Brothers Sam and Jake Becker have 20 years of collective woodworking, antique and furniture restoration experience.

Their father, Brian Becker, a 40 year master furniture upholsterer, spent his free time as a hobbyist refinisher at his home, buying and selling antique furniture. It was there that Sam and Jacob took an interest in woodworking and restoration, aiding their father with small tasks and deliveries in exchange for skateboards and legos.   

In 2011, after several years in the furniture business, the brothers decided to start their own company, Kin Furniture Co. For two years they applied their craft in their hometown of Greeley, CO before deciding to make the move to Fort Collins, CO. to accept higher positions managing a local refinishing shop and put Kin Furniture Co. aside momentarily. In early 2017 the brothers decided it was time to go back out on their own and revived Kin Furniture Co.  

In 2018, sister Hannah was added as co-owner and marketer/advertiser and the company moved from Ft Collins to Denver, CO.

Together, the 3 siblings hold decades of knowledge, passion and craftsmanship necessary to preserve the integrity and workmanship of any era of furniture.


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