(BROTHERS) an introduction

Sam on the left and me Jacob, the other guy.

Sam on the left and me Jacob, the other guy.

Sam and I met in late winter back in 1990 when I first drew breath. A moment when his calm and collected demeanor would be shaken to its core and forever be tested by the madness of a little brother. 

Since that day the two of us have spent more time around one another than most other siblings could fathom. We shared friends and mischief growing up as well as innumerable altercations. The perpetual competition between us that often led to bitterness and frustration toward one another is likely what most families could relate to. Most siblings couldn't imagine the thought of working together, even if it meant a future brimming with contentment. 

While that sort of pessimism may be second nature for most people, it happens to be a mountain my brother and I climbed long ago and have since willingly descended together into a valley contentment. We made a decision while we were still in our teens that antique furniture and woodworking were woven into the fabric of our spirits. Despite that declaration our road towards working stability has been long, and still far from over. 

Since we were kids it has been the craft itself has been our ever present saving grace. Often it is the daily woodworking, restoration, design, finishing, research, problem solving and the endless pursuit of skill that all serve as a reminder of the reverence we have for the craft. Which in turn becomes a reminder of the reverence we have for one another. 

Together we believe in the preservation of story. We strive to uphold the stories written into the craftsmanship of days long past. The memories embedded in our heirlooms are the remnants of our own familial history often forgotten to the slow creep of time. The story of mankind is wrapped up in every pocket watch handed down through generations. It is in every mystical piece of furniture sitting beneath layers of dust tucked in the back of a forgotten flea market. It is written into the chair you mother rocked you in as a child. 

Sam and I have become the caretakers of countless memories. Our own story being our only reason for that undertaking. 

We as as friends, we as brothers, we as kin.

We encourage you to help us.