antique table refinishing

Antique Pie Crust Style Table Repair

This was a fun project. One where we got to get a little more hands on. For this antique table repair, Jake hand carved new pieces in two sections to match the original construction as best he could.

End result turned out great and you can barely tell there was ever a repair!

Tools and materials used were:


Cope saw

Various files and rasps

Carving knives

Dye stain glaze and shellac

We put together a quick video of Jake’s repair process below.

Antique Marquetry Game Table Restoration

A customer brought us this peculiar game table for restoration. We haven’t seen one with this type of build and mechanism before. Highly unique item!

As you can see, the rosewood was deeply sun bleached indicating it must be pretty old. We did a full restoration that included touching up old repairs to the marquetry from a previous restorer. We greatly enjoy these types of projects that allow us to be as detail oriented and careful as possible.

Seeing the end result is always satisfying.

We put together a quick video of the process.